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Villa Naomi Beach

Situated from a half an hour journey from the ancient city of Galle, on the golden sands of the picturesque city of Weligama, renowned for its beauty, the tropical climate and the wonderful blue ocean, NBH is the ideal tranquil environment to make the best of your vacation.

The set up at NBH with a spacious verandah, comfortable large rooms with hot water bathrooms, and the unique landscaping, contributed for the truly traditional experience of Sri Lankan hospitality, which was greatly admired by our guests, and considered as a motive to select NBH as their location for the subsequent journeys as well without a hesitation. The so serene experience at NBH has been the key for a lasting relationship with our loyal visitors.

The truly dedicated staff, renowned for an awesome service and the fresh food, hands by reach to the truly magnificent sightseeing, diving, surfing and outdoor excursions, the ideal location for a night out beach camp, are most of the specialties that have admired by almost all the visitors.


To the South of the Indian Subcontinent, often being addressed as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, lies the small tropical island ‘Sri Lanka’, renowned for a lasting proud history of ancient civilization and culture, a place of serene beauty with celestial sceneries, rare and exotic flora and fauna, ideal gifted tropical climate and many more, and as that will constitute the ideal vacation suite to heal any tiresome body…

Naomi Beach is located in the village of Weligama on the increasingly popular south coast, less than half an hour’s drive from the historic town of Galle. Across from the hotel is – a broad, sandy beach, where a gentle off-shore breeze can sometimes take edge of the hottest days, and is ranked in the top three surfing spots in Sri Lanka. The journey from Colombo International Airport will take about 4 hours.


Agra Bodhi Viharaya ( Weligama ) : The history of this ancient monument expands to thousands of years back, nearly 2,300 years to be precise. There is drafted evidence that the major sapling out of which emerged from the ‘Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi – The Sacred Bo Tree at Anuradhapura’, was planted here during the golden era of Anuradhapura. The Pagoda here is said to be constructed at the era of King ‘Devanam Piyathissa’ who was the ruler of the country at the time of the establishment of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. This ancient temple has provided shelter for many Buddhist monks for centuries, even those who had reached ‘Arhathship’ which is the ultimate state to attain as a Buddhist.

One of the unique features of the Agrabodhi Viharaya is the possession of the only well preserved ‘Atamagala’ in Sri Lanka, a stone plaque with the height and width of 8 inches each and the thickness of nearly an inch, containing many traditional carvings that symbolize the enchantments and blessings for guarding of the temple. Being worshipped by many many celebrities and respected and bound for patronage by many of the Kings for millennia, this ancient temple still lies in prosperity symbolizing the pride of a nation that is being carried forward from generation to generation.

The Rock Carving of Kushtarajagala ( Weligama ) : The very famous carving of the ‘Awalokitheshwara – Natha Bodhisathwa’ [A ‘Bodhisathwa’ is a person who is said to be expecting to achieve the Buddhahood at a later birth]. Being carved on a rock with the dimensions of 13 feet in height and 4 feet in width, this masterpiece sculpture is a real expression of skilled craftsmanship.



  • Priviliged location in Bruges
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Unparalleded service
  • Old world charm, modern comfort
  • Free Wifi
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Direct Sea View
  • Bar & garden with terrace
  • Surfing
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